You work with an expert who understands your project needs

Patrick’s combination of pharma and device business knowledge, including regulatory and drug safety, and medical background is unique in scientific marketing, communications and project management. Patrick knows how to interpret and use the right information to promote and market new and existing products.

Your projects are always completed on time and within budget

Patrick understands today's business environment, especially the need to meet critical deadlines. He also stands behind written project estimates. You will know exactly what costs are included and when deliverables are due.

Your information is communicated accurately, clearly, and effectively

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience from the world of science, marketing and communication. He can clearly communicate advanced scientific and medical information at any level. He is an expert at translating research results into easily comprehensible, action-oriented messages.

You have the opportunity to go beyond today's development needs.

Patrick solves long-term problems in document review, medical and scientific communication, and writing for other types of media.

The way Patrick solves problems and communicates the results are usable, understandable, and memorable!

Patrick thus has the relevant expertise in project management, marketing and communication, and the necessary scientific background to ensure the success of any type of medical and scientific project aimed at any defined target group.