Medical/scientific communication:

  • Planning and managing all kinds of medical/scientific projects according to GxP
  • Medical/scientific content production to any target audience including authorities
  • Marketing and communication planning and stakeholder analyses
  • Medical translations (lay or professional, between English, Danish and Swedish)

 Medical publishing

  • News letters
  • Annual reports
  • Various other creative solutions

Scientific literature and research information

  • Understanding, gathering and translating complex scientific information to the defined target groups
  • Preparation of protocols, synopses, manuscripts and reports
  • Preparation and reviewing of authority documents
  • Translating complex scientific information to understandable "punch-lines"
  • A large number of peer-review articles in top medical journals
  • Over 50 medical compendia covering most therapeutic areas

Stakeholder management – the four step plan

  • Stakeholder identification (followed by a project initiation plan)
  • Stakeholder analysis (followed by a project plan)
  • Stakeholder matrix (followed by a project execution plan)
  • Stakeholder engagement (get the project done!!!)

Planning and teaching special courses and workshops at specialist and postgraduate levels

  • 2500 hours of teaching at Medical University level
  • Planning and teaching special courses and workshops at specialist and postgraduate levels  
  • 6 years as course leader about pharmaceutical development at the The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif) 
  • Countless presentations and lectures for R&D, sales, marketing, RA, pharmacovigilance etc.
  • Specific conference materials (e.g. posters, abstracts)

Regulatory affairs, quality affairs and drug safety

  • Regulatory affairs, quality affairs and pharmacovigilance guarantee the safety of the patients
  • Regulatory affairs is crucial in communication, marketing and advertising in the pharma industry
  • Knowing the "regs", how to interpret and follow them is a great advantage in every aspect of lifecycle management